We believe in firm dedication to the customer and their well being. With the best equipment and lab procedures, we are able to diagnose any home to any severity. We know the potential dangers of hazardous environments and how damaging to a house they can be. We are here as a step by step guide on your journey to a healthier home and life.


Mold & Asbestos


Hunter Johns



Do you suspect your home or health may be affected by mold? Our certified experts are trained to find the source of the problem no matter how hidden it may be. We also offer detailed testing and consultation on the types of mold in your home and the potential health affects they may have on you.


Asbestos Testing and Abatement

Was your house built before 1980? If so then it may contain a dangerous mineral known as asbestos. Our licensed experts can test your building materials and assess the air quality to identify the presence of asbestos.


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